How We Work

Research Enabled is designed to break down barriers between industry and academia and remove obstacles to make collaborative work between the two much easier.

First, the Research Enabled portal provides you easy access in one location to a vast community of thousands of researchers across multiple universities and all disciplines. With this access, you can present research and development challenges; find needed equipment, facilities, or other resources for contract work; and find potential collaborators to, for example, pursue federal funding. You’ll receive non-confidential proposals in a timely and consistent format. You can then request more information from any of the potential research partners, ask for proposal revisions, or move straight to contract.

Second, we make the contracting process easier once you find a qualified proposal that meets your needs. You have the option of using online standard form contracts that speed up the process or working directly with the relevant university to negotiate a custom agreement. Either way, the portal immediately connects you with the authorized parties at the university campus and provides all contract information entered into the portal (e.g., statement of work, basic budget, etc.).

You’ll have the active engagement of the selected researchers and the authorized university administrators. This is true of all the collaborations offered on this portal, from large sponsored research challenges to smaller contracts for analysis, equipment use, or other resources.

In addition, the portal offers you an easy way to scan ongoing research initiatives within your areas of interest across the university campuses that would benefit from collaboration with industry. Through the portal, you can communicate directly with the principal investigator to explore potential collaborative work.

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